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Tapana's Inaugural Event

Garapati Chowdary and Renuka contributed an initial endowment of $100,000 to Tapana Foundation

Employees of Manikya Group of companies, donated their one day salary to Tapana Foundation

Tapana Foundation Life-Time Members

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Core Areas of Action

Income Generation
Health & Hygiene
Rural Infrastructure
Safe Drinking Water
Elderly Care
31-10-2014 Tapana at Awareness

13-10-2014 Tapana at Vizag disaster

21-09-2014 Tapana at Kalukurru

Tapana's Inaugural Event

After registering as a Public Trust on 12 October 2007, Tapana witnessed its initial launch organised in Eluru on 27 January 2008, with the inauguration of its rural infrastructure activities in the two pilot villages of Kovvali and Malkapuram (Denduluru Mandal) in the West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.

Garapati introducing his well wishers.

Honorable Minister for Minor Irrigation, Sri Venkateswara Rao Maganti, applauded the services to motherland by launching Tapana Foundation which aims at achieving rural development at national level. He spoke at the Foundation's inaugural meeting organised at the Nerella Raja Function Hall in the local Agraharam. By functioning apolitical, he desired Tapana to win people's laurels. District in-charge Minister, Pilli Subhas Chandra Bose lamented the mushroom growth of NGOs of late, which are of politically opportunistic origin or aimed at avoiding income tax.

The District Collector, G. Jayalakshmi ascertained good results for Tapana by working in coordination with the government. Ex-MLA Ambica Krishna, District Congress President Indhukuri Ramakrishna Raju are the other speakers. Senior Journalist Turlapati Kutumba Rao presided over the meeting. On this occasion, the Founder Trustee Garapati Sitaramanjaneya Chowdary handed over a cheque of Rs. 40 lakhs through his well-wishers to the Trustee Srinivasan as his share to the organisation. Attributing his present successful position to his father Garapati Chalapathi Rao, Teachers Subba Rao and Parameswari, uncles Krishna Rao and Prasad, Founder Trustee Garapati Chowdary introduced them to the gathering.

Garapati Chowdary donating a Cheque of Rs. 40 Lakhs to Tapana Foundation through his wellwishers.

The Managing Trustee Garapati Chowdary admitted that the Tapana Foundation has been launched to strive towards Rural Development with Education, Employment, Health etc as the core areas of action. In a Press Meet at the Nerella Raja Function Hall in the local Agraharam, he interacted with the news reporters on Sunday. By encouraging the formation of Village Committees and by utilising the funds through these Committees, he declared the implementation of Tapana programmes with all transparency. A native of Kovvali village and a resident of the US for 10 years, Mr.Chowdary disclosed of his return to India to serve his motherland.

Garapati Chowdary handing over a cheque of Rs. 2 Lakhs for the construction of private toilets.

Denduluru, January 27 (News Today): The Tapana Foundation's Managing Trustee, Garapati Sitaramanjaneya Chowdary, underlined the essentiality of people's participation in the functioning of any system. For the construction of private toilets in the village of Kovvali in Denduluru Mandal, Mr. Chowdary handed over a cheque of Rs. 2 lakhs to the Sarpanch Velamati Rama Chandra Prasad. MLO Amareswar Rao and Education Committee Former Chairman M.Durga Rao spoke in the meeting. Prasad, Executive Officer Srinivas Chowdary, Sunil and others participated in the meeting.

Employees of Manikya Group of companies, donated their one day salary to Tapana Foundation

Employees of Manikya Group of companies, volunteered to donate an amount of Rs.50,000/- to Tapana Foundation.

Tapana Foundation Life-Time Members

Six people joined life time membership of Tapana with an individual contribution of Rs. One Lakh, who will further make an annual donation of Rs. 5,000/-

1. Mr. Ambica Sudarsan
2. Mr. Aquil Ahmed
3. Mr. S R K V Prasad Garapati
4. Mr. Srinivas Cherukuri
5. Mr. Srikanth Reddy
6. Mr. Vinod Kaul