is a non-profit organisation with no inclination towards any particular religion
 or caste and is solely a development-oriented organisation.

The word ‘Tapana’ has Sanskrit origin which means ‘illuminating’ or a ‘burning desire’. As such, Tapana has taken birth out of our burning passion to realise our dream, a dream to visualise a progressive and prosperous India through rural transformation.

Core Areas of Action
Income Generation
Health & Hygiene
Rural Infrastructure
Safe Drinking Water
Elderly Care

News and Events
Tapana's Inaugural Event

Garapati Chowdary and Renuka contributed an initial endowment of $100,000 to Tapana Foundation

Employees of Manikya Group of companies, donated their one day salary to Tapana Foundation

Tapana Foundation Life-Time Members

News clippings on Tapana Foundation in the regional news papers

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