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Tapana's Inaugural Event

Garapati Chowdary and Renuka contributed an initial endowment of $100,000 to Tapana Foundation

Employees of Manikya Group of companies, donated their one day salary to Tapana Foundation

Tapana Foundation Life-Time Members

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Core Areas of Action

Income Generation
Health & Hygiene
Rural Infrastructure
Safe Drinking Water
Elderly Care
We invite you to join us. Together we will work towards,
  • Promoting qualitative education by providing conducive environment for learning especially through enhanced infrastructure and financial support to the needy.
  • Generation of opportunities to the rural community by endowing them the right skills, tools and technologies
  • Physical well being of the rural poor by providing the common man with qualitative health services at his immediate reach.
  • Enhancing resources for the rural infrastructure development.
  • Providing safe and potable water to the rural community.
  • Support to elderly care services to ensure respectable life for the old.