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Tapana's Inaugural Event

Garapati Chowdary and Renuka contributed an initial endowment of $100,000 to Tapana Foundation

Employees of Manikya Group of companies, donated their one day salary to Tapana Foundation

Tapana Foundation Life-Time Members

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A progressive and prosperous India with self reliant and transformed rural communities.

Initiate, involve local communities and alliance partners to transform rural India.

In the last six decades, independent India has witnessed innumerable ventures and policies for its social and economic development. However, there is a general and widespread dissatisfaction among the Indians on the development achieved so far.

Rural India which encompasses seventy percent of the country’s population is still characterised by bad quality education, low family incomes and undernourishment. A significant rural-urban disparity is clearly visible in various sectors of development. Health and educational facilities are almost non-existent in many rural areas. Illiteracy and poverty levels are at alarmingly low rates. Many villages remain disconnected with the development opportunities due to absence of proper infrastructure like sanitation, electricity and safe drinking water.

The perception of the problem lies in unsuccessful policy implementation, lack of social awareness and community participation. Resources allocated for implementing the plans reach only in miniscule proportions at the ground level. The Tapana Foundation has taken birth with an intention to fill this gap.