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Tapana's Inaugural Event

Garapati Chowdary and Renuka contributed an initial endowment of $100,000 to Tapana Foundation

Employees of Manikya Group of companies, donated their one day salary to Tapana Foundation

Tapana Foundation Life-Time Members

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A progressive and prosperous India with self reliant and transformed rural communities.

Initiate, involve local communities and alliance partners to transform rural India.
Principles of Tapana

Holistic Approach
Transparent and Accountable

Considering the problems in the development process, the Foundation believes that a holistic approach with effective implementation and active community participation as fundamental factor in fulfilling the objectives of Tapana. As the issues of concern in the rural areas are trapped in a vicious circle, an integrated method featuring proper coordination and effective convergence of strategies will be adopted. By being a result oriented and citizen friendly organisation by the people, of the people and for the people and opting right strategies and approaches for effective implementation of its objectives, Tapana aspire to make a difference in many rural lives. Also, another cardinal principle in the operation of Tapana is transparency and financial accountability and thereby ensure that every rupee allotted is spent towards the fulfillment of objectives.

Tapana is meant to be a catalyst, an enabler and a facilitator to effect socio-economic change in the rural areas.